Sunday, 25 October 2009


The petition continues to go from strength to strength, as we now sit proudly at 8,199 names - only 2,301 short of our overall target of 10,500.

Credit for this must go to El Poncho, who has driven this campaign forward with the gritty determination of oxen on amphetamine. Bravo!

That is not to neglect, of course, the support we have had from fellow Town fans and from the wider football world. Astounding. Football may be tribal, and therefore often divisive, yet we see, time and time again, football fans standing shoulder to shoulder on issues which transcend our rivalries. We may have witnessed such solidarity before but it never fails to be humbling.

We must reach our target. Can I ask for anybody who hasn't signed the petition yet to do so now, and if you have - ask your mates, family, neighbours, workmates, random people in the street. Anybody with a name, basically.

The petition is here.

One group of people from whom we've felt support has been lacking has been our elected representatives - our councillors, our Assembly Members, our Members of Parliament. Why they have been reluctant to come out in defense of the real jewel in the crown of our humble little town, we do not know.

There are one or two notable exceptions, and we will give the others a little more time to respond before we let our fellow Fanistas know who has helped and who hasn't, but I will take this opportunity to remind our politicians of this - the football club is, in many people's eyes, the town. Supporters' loyalty to their club is unswerving and paramount; they will remember who has supported this campaign, and who hasn't, come polling day.

Just ask Dr John Marek.


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